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Tongue, two erogenous points

The Full Stop

In the full stop technique, you freeze in a position in the middle of lovemaking (take turns giving the signal) for one minute-becoming aware of thoughts and sensations instead of ongoing compulsive activity. The Easterners believe that only with such valleys can the peaks be higher.

The Two New Erogenous Zones

The advanced tantra man knows the full art of polishing the pearl (pleasuring the woman’s clitoris). One new and effective way to do this is the Kivin method, in which Enflaming the dragon, second position, connects heart centers and visualizes divine connection.209 Chapter 16 ? Advanced Tantric Lovemaking Techniques the man stimulates the woman orally on two erogenous points on her genitals to bring her to orgasm within three to eight minutes. The method requires pressing one point (between the vaginal and anal openings) while applying pressure with the tongue on other points located on each side of the clitoral shaft. A videotape (www.kivinprod.

com) demonstrates exactly how it’s done, with an introduction by California sexologist Patti Britton.

Tongue Fu

In a Taoist practice, a woman strengthens her tongue by first pushing against an orange or a grapefruit. She also strengthens her vaginal muscles by attaching weights to hold. These practices are described by Mantak Chia in his article, Tao for Women: Cultivating Female Sexual Energy. Similar routines are described in Chia’s corollary article for men, Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy.

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